Garland Mineral Springs consists of 38.85 acres of total property, located on the west slope of the Cascade Mountains beside the North Fork of the Skykomish River. garland-00001Approximately 15 acres are high ground. Elevation is 1,556’. The site is surrounded by the Wild Sky Wilderness area, with two access routes into the property. The location offers spectacular scenery with 5,519 ft. Bear Mountain to the east and 5,413 ft. Troublesome Mt. to the west. Spectacular Lake Blanca and Monte Cristo peak are just west of Troublesome Mountain.

Index-Galena Wash OutA 13-mile paved road that leads to the Town of Index near U.S. Highway 2, is currently closed due to flood damage. Snohomish County expects to complete road repairs in 2015 or 16. A secondary route from the Town of Skykomish, up the Beckler River Road and over the 2,589’ Jack’s Pass, is kept open about 9-months of the year. The Garland site consists of two patented mineral claims (the Harriett Nomander Placer Claim, and the Colton Placer Claim) owned by Garland Mineral Springs LLC.