garland-lodge_paintingThe Garland Mineral Springs resort property and springs are private property and are currently owned by the heirs of the Sharpe and Mooney families closely held as Garland Mineral Springs, LLC. Every year taxes are paid and monies are invested to maintain the potential future of Garland Mineral Springs. The family would like to see the site continue to serve people if possible, and are open to discussions of any reasonable use from responsible parties.

  • The 25-million gallons of high quality mineral water found at Garland is a high-mineral-content water for ingestion in small quantities, for harvesting the antibacterial mud, and for therapeutic soaking. Clean processing and bottling are the only FDA requirements.
  • The site location on the west slope of the Cascade Mountains offers dramatic scenery and moderate coastal weather. Summers are very comfortable, with daytime temps in the mid-70s. Spring has considerable light rain while fall weather is clear and cool until November. Winter brings moderate snow, with the ground usually covered from late December through February. The lowest extreme temperature observed has been 10 F above zero, with most daytime temps in high 30s and low 40s F. Travel time to Seattle metro area is 1 to 1 ½ hours (when the Index-Galena road repair is completed). Proximity to the Lake Blanca trail, Jack’s Pass, Deer Falls, Bear Creek Falls, Troublesome Creek Campground, the historic Galena mining sites, the historic Town of Index, the Pacific Crest Trail and the surrounding Wilderness Area makes Garland a rather exclusive and protected site. Eco-tourism, riverfront cabin site development and camping are development options.
  • Geothermal power remains a possibility, but the Wild Sky Wilderness area prevents exploration off the 39-acre Garland site. It is also possible that additional “down the hole” seismic mapping might locate a suitable hot water pool on-site. We are advised that conduit transmission is practical for up to 10 MW per conduit tube. The 13-mile road to the Town of Index presents a clear legal path past the 4-miles of Wilderness Area.

A logical process would likely begin with regional mineral water marketing, followed by a high-value destination spa.

Due to potential hazards on the property, the public is not invited to visit the property. No trespassing signs are prominently displayed and should be observed.

For additional information, contact:

Garland Mineral Springs, LLC
Cameron Sharpe II, Manager

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