Month: September 2015

Stephen’s Garland Story

I’m Stephen, son of Curtis who is the middle son of Cameron Sharpe Sr. this is my story of Garland. My folks Mary Beth and Curtis were living in cabin #1 during the winter/spring of 1962-63. Cabin #1 was the largest of the cabins and had a 2nd floor sleeping loft and apparently it was quite romantic up there during the chill of… Read more →

The Healing Power of the Water

The Story of My Infirmity and the Permanent Cure by the use of the Waters of the Starr Hot Springs, near Index, Washington by Carrie Starr Weismann In the year 1870, I was living in the State of New York, and became afflicted with a swelling of my right knee. I was taken to Watertown, New York, to Dr. Spencer,… Read more →

Garland Mineral Springs Slideshow

For more than 10 years friends and family members have been posting photos of Garland on the website. This is a collection of some of the photos posted on this thread. All images are owned by their respective copyright holders. What’s really special about this slideshow is most of our family’s photos of Garland were destroyed in the lodge fire of 1961.… Read more →